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IBBA Presenter's Album Picks for April
Kyla Brox - Pain & Glory
Broken Levee - Live
Lil' Chuck, The One Man Skiffle Machine - MONO



Wily Bo Walker posted this on Facebook:

‘Thanks to all the hardworking members of IBBA for bringing us so much great music and introducing me to so many fine artists, cheers, Bo’

Wildest Dreams, in my opinion, is my best album to date and I'm thrilled that the guys and gals at IBBA are enjoying it! It is heart warming to receive such positive feedback when you have put your soul into doing something so I thank you for your time and support in playing the tracks!
Best Wishes,
Matt Woosey

Thank you BIG TIME for listening and acknowledging our CD, 'Don't Give my Blues Away'  as a pick of the Month for October. You are a generous group and I am sure blues artists all over the world appreciate the time you take to listen, share and spin their songs. I sure do! We create music because we love it and when someone else gives it a nod it inspires us to write and record more. CHEERS to you and your love of the blues.

Kelly Z
Kelly's Lot

The Bonnie Mac Band are very grateful to all the blues broadcasters who shared our music with their listeners recently. Particularly in July when we were part of the album of the month slot.  Your efforts have meant that we appeared at number five in your album chart in Blues in Britain two months in a row!  We have started planning our second album and hope that we can share our music with you again in such a positive way. Thank you all!

We just wanted to say a huge & hearty THANK YOU for all your support that you have shown for Brothers Groove over the past year and half.

You have really plugged the band more than we could ever have hoped for, and in so many different ways. We have been up high in the top few in your most played artist list for a long time now and to add to that, between you all, you have also put us forward for nominations in the British Blues Awards, had us in the studio for live sessions, plugged our gigs, been there to offer very good advice, and come to catch us live. All of your support has had an encouraging effect on us, helped keep us going when it has got a bit tough at times and we really appreciate the support a lot. You have been fundamental in helping the band receive the recent runners up for emerging artist in the British Blues awards 2014 and it will not be forgotten by us guys.

The band is three and a half years old now, and as time goes by we get a better angle on what it takes to make all the ends meet within the Blues music scene and you folks help more than you know. Thank god for DJs, your enthusiasm and for the IBBA.

Loads of love from Nige, Shaun & Deano

On behalf of THE BLACK TONGUED BELLS band in Los Angeles, Ca. USA ,  I want to express our appreciation for your ongoing support of The Black Tongued Bells and other very fine artists worldwide. Right  from the start of our cd/ music project, members of the IBBA  immediately understood the music we were sharing and the storytelling intent of our songwriting. In a time where the music business seems to cater to shiny objects, light shows, and the next best runway models, it is great to know that DJ/hosts, Music Managers, and other Radio Personnel in the IBBA are still promoting  music that is meaningful,innovative, and connects to listeners. I  think I speak for all the indie bands out there when I say, your professional and personal approach to sharing music gives each artist a sense of confidence and optimism . Sincere Thanks!
Anthony Cook, Bass Player
The Black Tongued Bells & The Skylarks