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Album Of The Month
March 2014

European Blues Challenge 2014
Entrants Compilation Album

EBU Cover

01 Texas Shuffle Fenzl Experience - Austria; 
02 Doyle The Hunter Fred & The Healers - Belgium; 
03 Idemo Doma (Let's Go Home) 44 Blues - Croatia
04 Tear Me Down Again Big Creek Slim - Denmark; 
05 What Have I Done Ina Forsman & Helge Tallqvist Band - Finland; 
06 My Little Pretty Shake Your Hips - France; 
07 Komm Herein Mike Seeber Trio - Germany; 
08 Sun On My Back T Rogers - Hungary
09 Goin' Away Baby Marco Pandolfi - Italy; 
10 Long Road Lavrix Band - Latvia; 
11 Wheels In Motion The John F Klaver Band - Netherlands; 
12 She Won Pristine - Norway; 
13 Dirty, Lowdown & Bad The Blues Nation - Romania; 
14 Smith & Wesson Blues Bomb Lane Band - Russia; 
15 Paraphilic Way Of Love A Contra Blues - Spain; 
16 Sugar Mama The Hightones - Sweden; 
17 Feels So Good The Bacon Fats - Switzerland; 
18 Desert Inside David Migden & The Twisted Roots - UK;