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Bob Williams
The Blues Exclusive - website

Sundays 2-4pm - Firebrand Roxx - website
Tuesdays - 2-4pm - Blues @ - website
Thursdays 4-6pm - KCOR - website
also available on



The show has evolved in almost 10 years of broadcasting; playing all derivatives of Blues music, offering a local (and beyond) Gig Guide. I also get involved in local festivals.
The purpose of the show is to develop the knowledge and popularity of this most important musical genre with our listeners.

I have always loved the music of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin even as a teenager, but woke up to the origins in my late forties. My particular loves are Delta and Chicago Blues.
I hate the expression ‘keeping the Blues alive’ – it’s never been dying! There is a real energy being infused into the genre right now. Whilst it is true that specialist clubs are still closing, this would seem to be a result of the economic climate. The enthusiasm for Blues music is evident from the increasing number of festivals and dedicated Blues radio shows now airing.