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Dave Raven
Raven & The Blues
- website
Saturdays 12 noon - Talk Radio Europe - website
Sundays 3pm - Radio Napa - website
Sundays 6pm
- KCOR - website

Dave graduated from cloakroom attendant to DJ in 1964 and soon realised that playing records was far more fun. After graduating (and running the Students Union Entertainment Committee) he lasted just six months as a Naval Architect by day and a DJ at night before turning professional in 1968.

His first radio appearance was on the very first local radio station in the UK - BBC Radio Durham in 1968 and he went national in 1969 on the BBC Radio 1 Club. In his 18 months as the guest North East DJ he worked with all the top Radio 1 DJs but realised that to progress any further would mean leaving Newcastle and chose to stay.

BBC Radio Newcastle opened in January 1971 and Dave was part of the opening team with a weekly show. Then in 1973 to commercial radio until 1976 when he left the NE to open a nightclub in Malta. There BFBS spotted him and in 1978 he stopped being self employed. From Malta to Germany in 1978 and then like a radio gypsy from Germany to Brunei, Gibraltar, London, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Belize, Gibraltar again, Belize again, Cyprus again, Hong Kong and then in 1995 back to London.

In 1997 he took early retirement and went back to his main love - being on the radio rather than running radio. BFBS commissioned a series of programmes based on his passions,Computers, Gadgets and the Blues and 16 years later The Raven & Blues is still running. Not on BFBS since 2008, now on Talk Radio Europe in Spain, Radio Napa in Cyprus, and online with KCOR.

Dave pioneered the 'Listen Again' service for BFBS back in 2001 and when podcasting began in 2004 the Raven & Blues was one of the first 10 musical podcasts in the world and the first (probably) in the UK. Now with over 16,000 weekly subscribers and the online and FM shows it is one of the highest profile blues shows, which is why so many great musicians make their way to his houseboat to record live sessions.

The show is heard 12pm every Saturday on the coasts of Spain on Talk Radio Europe FM with a repeat at 10pm on Tuesday. Radio Napa in Cyprus has the show at 3pm on Sunday with a repeat on Thursday at 6pm. Kansas City Online Radio - KCOR transmits the show at 1pm Central (6pm GMT) every Sunday with repeats through the week.