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Dave Watkins

Blueberry Jam - website

Wednesdays 8-9pm

KCOR - website





BLUEBERRY JAM is a one hour show, exclusively found on KCOR - mixing new Blues releases with classic tracks from the past, visiting the likes of the Sun Records type artists, R&R, well known and less obvious selections. Add a touch of Rock when it suits as well. The idea will be to piece together a playlist each time that will entertain and surprise the listener!

DAVE WATKINS returns to the Blues in 2019 - some may recall Blues Train [ 2010-2013 ] which evolved into the award winning Blues & Roots [ 2013-2017 ], both of which were lucky enough to have a loyal following of regular listeners. After being involved with community radio in Frome, Somerset, these days the shows are produced from a small home studio. I also host The Country Mile, playing authentic new Country music, this is syndicated around the world on more than thirty stations.