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Howling Dick

Sundays 12 noon  
Down Home Podcast
- website

Like many schoolboys back in the 60's, Dick discovered the blues through John Mayall and Alexis Korner which led him to the Delta blues of Son House and Robert Johnson. This was followed by a long period of him refusing to listen to anything unless it was played by disabled black men screaming about poverty and impossible to decipher through surface noise.

On realising he was becoming a social leper and desperate to meet girls he relented and agreed to immerse himself in the Chicago Blues which, whilst increasing his circle of male friends, did nothing to blossom his romantic yearnings.

In yet another attempt to fraternise with the other sex he would discuss with them his ever-growing collection of blues and jazz which for some strange reason still didn't break the ice so in a last attempt he started making compilation tapes which whilst discarded by the girls became popular with their boyfriends and set him off on a lifetime of collecting, playing and mixing the music he loves.

He lives in Northamptonshire with his wife, children and dog surrounded by a million CD's and vinyl albums and from where he happily records the internet podcast Downhome with Howling Dick and hosts Blues From The MK Delta on Secklow Sounds, local community radio.

He also plays a mean harp in local pubs but still finds it difficult to talk to girls

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