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After a lifetime of working as a musician, it was inevitable that John Cee Stannard would find his way into radio.  John Cee joined Blast1386 in 2006 as a co-presenter, and a few years later established his own program “My Music Mix” as a regular Thursday contribution to the station.  In October 2015 he launched his Blues Hour, also on Blast1386

In 1968 John Cee was the founder member of folk band Tudor Lodge, playing music described at the time as “progressive folk”.  Their 1971 album is now a valuable and sought after recording.  Together with Lynne, Tudor Lodge has produced a further six full studio albums:  The most recent “SPACES” being released in 2016.
42 years after his first group LP, John Cee produced his first solo CD,        “The Doob Doo Album”.  A complete departure.  With 16 musicians this veritable orchestra of fine musicians supports John Cee on the collection of mainly original blues based songs.  In the autumn of 2013 John formed his trio – John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon, so he could take his new music to live audiences.  Their first engagement was that November at the Henley Jazz and Blues Week.  Since then, the trio has produced three further albums and a Christmas EP. ‘Bus Depot Blues’, ‘Stone Cold Sober’, ‘It’s Christmas Time’ and the most recent ‘to the river’ released January 2017.

John Cee has lived in Reading most of his life and was a student at Reading College in 1963.  Apart from early jobs, and a couple of years as a professional musician with Tudor Lodge, John Cee has worked most of his life as an accountant.   Since retiring in 2011, as well as his musical interests, he has completed his first novel which is available on kindle. 

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