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Louise Davies
Classic Rock & Blues Show
Wednesdays 9-12am and 9-12pm - Radio Seagull 1602 - website


Although I have loved music and radio since a very young age (one of my earliest memories is standing on a bucket trying to sing “Yellow submarine” – and falling off mid performance!!) my radio career took its first step at school when the 6th form set up its own pirate radio station. Being a technical idiot I got shoved behind a microphone and was badly bitten by the radio bug! This all happened around about the time I discovered and fell in love with Gary Moore, Jim Morrison and Hendrix.

I play classic rock and blues on my Wednesday show on Radio Seagull and am looking to start a Blues show on one of my local community stations. My involvement with Bethnal Green Blues Club has made me realise that grass roots blues performers need to be heard more on radio alongside the greats – and that there is a huge vein of  unknown talent out there just waiting to be heard and enjoyed.

Oh, and I am still a technical idiot!

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