Promoting blues radio across the UK and worldwide
Encouraging promoters and record labels to use the IBBA as a point of contact
Ensuring all member presenters are represented as a unified group
Sharing of information and ideas

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To send info to all members - email:

KBeale   Kevin Beale
Blues On The Marsh - website
  Fridays 7-9pm
Thursdays 6-8pm
Tuesdays 8-10pm
Sundays - 2-4am

Channel Radio - website
KCOR - website
CJIM - website
mdoradioblues - website

KB   Kevin Black
Black on Blues - website
  Podcasts available
from Sunday each week
Thursdays 10-11pm

Black On Blues - website
East Lothian FM - website

EB   Eddie Bonte
The Savage Tree
  Wednesdays 8-9 pm  

Radio Sutch- website

Mixcloud - website


Mike Bowden
Blues Rootes

  Sundays 6-8pm   Nusakan Radio - website

John Brown
Brown's Blues & Boogie

  Thursdays 7-10pm   Lionheart Radio 107.3 FM - website

Jimmy Carlyle
Shades Of Blue - website

  Tuesdays 6.10-7pm
Every third Tuesday
  BBC Radio Shetland - website
MC Martin Clarke
The Blues Session - website

Wednesdays 6-8pm
Wednesdays 8-10pm
Saturdays 6-8pm
Sundays 11-1pm


KCOR - website
The Wall Rock Radio - website
Radio Wey - website
Rock Radio UK - website

TC   Tony Corner
Blues Corner
  Sundays 6-9pm   Rock Radio UK - website
ND   Nigel Day
Blues Brunch
  Sundays 10-12am 
  North Cornwall Broadcasting - website
HD   Howling Dick
Blues From The MK Delta - website

Down Home
  Wednesdays 8-9pm
Down Home Podcast

Sundays 12 noon  
  Secklow Sounds - website
Podcast at - website
TAINT Radio - website
RD   Richard Dunning
Blues on the Radio
  Sundays 1-2pm
Thursdays 5-6pm

Blues@ - website

JPE   John 'Pops' Evans
Rock Rhythm & Blues Show
  Mondays - 8-10pm   Nova FM - website
HF   Hugh Fee
Friday Night Blues
  Fridays 10-12pm   Irvine Beat FM - website
LF   Lewis Fisher
Blues & Roots Show
  Thursdays 7-9pm   105 Uckfield FM - website
cf   Chris Fosbrook aka Fossy
Mojo Fingers Blues Show

  Thursday 7-8pm   The Flash - website
DF   David Freeman
Blues & Boogie
  Sundays 5-7pm   Jazz FM - website
RG   Rick Galusha
  Sundays 3-6pm  

The River 89.7 FM - website
Podcast - website

LG   Llew. Garner
Blues, Soul, Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll
  Tuesdays 6-8pm   Radio Warrington - website
GG   Gary Grainger
Blues Show - website
  Sundays 6-9pm
Tuesdays 12-2am

Bishop FM 105.9 - website
KCOR - website

MG   Mark Griggs
Blues Hour
  Sundays 9-10.00pm   HCAradio - website

Norm Griffiths
Red Hot & Blues Show

  Mondays 8-10pm  

GTFM 107.9 - website

JH   John Harris
Blues in the Night
The Cajun & Zydeco Show
World Music Show

  Mondays 11pm-1am
Sundays 6-8pm
Tuesday 6pm-7pm
  Hermitage FM - website
RH   Richard Harris
Folk & Blues Show - blog
  Tuesdays 7-8pm
Saturdays 12-1pm
  Sommer Valley 97.5 FM - website
Blues & Roots Radio - website

Mark Haughan
The Colourblind Blues Show - website

  Sundays 7-9pm   Leicester General Hospital's
Radio Gwendolen 1287 AM - website

Mark Hughes
Rock n Blues by Hughes

  Wednesdays 7.00-9.00pm   Ridge Radio - website
BH   Blues Hunter
That Blues Show - website

  Saturdays 10:30pm to midnight   Curve Radio - website
SJ   Steve Jessney
Nothing But The Blues - website

Wednesdays 7-8pm
Mondays 11-12pm

  Vixen 101.8 FM - website
KCOR - website
SK   Steve Kellam
Borough Blues

  Fridays 9-11pm   AHBS Community Radio 107.1FM - website
CK   Chris Kirkham
The Blues Show
  Sundays  5-6pm   105.9 Academy FM - website
AL   Alan Lloyd
Rock Rhythm & Blues Show
  Mondays 8-10pm   Nova FM - website
PL   Paul Long
Blues And Roots Connections - website

Sundays 1-2pm

  Blues & Roots Radio - website
AM   Andy Mann
Classic Blues Rock Show
  Tuesdays - 6-8pm   Chorley FM - website
I McH   Ian McHugh
Blues is the Truth - website

Tuesdays 1-3am - website

Ian McKenzie
Wednesday's Even Worse - website
Blues Before Midnight - website
Acoustic Blues Club - website

Wednesdays 5-7pm

Fridays 6-8pm
Mondays 10-11pm

Blues & Roots Radio - website

KCOR - website
KCOR - website

JM   Jim McNeill
The Blues Club
  Wednesdays 8-10pm
Thursdays 7-9pm

Blues@Rock-Radio - website
NCB Radio - website

SM   Sonny Miller
On The Blues Side
  Sundays 10-11pm   TD1 Radio - website
SM   Steve Morphew
Best Of The Blues

Sundays 9-10pm
Mondays 9-10pm

  Future Radio 107.8 FM - website
Blues@Rock-Radio - website
TN   Tony Nightingale
  Mondays 7-9pm   Lincoln City Radio 103.6 FM - website
JN   Jennifer Noble
Jukin Jenn's Bucket of Blues
  Sundays 7-8pm - website
DR   Dave Raven
Raven & The Blues - website
  Saturdays 12-1pm
Sundays 3-4pm
Sundays 6-7pm

Talk Radio Europe - website
Radio Napa - website
KCOR - website

JR   Jeremy Rees
Soul of The Blues - website
  Wednesdays 8-9pm - Live
Sundays 8-9pm
Sundays 3-4pm  
Mondays 2-3pm

Radio Cardiff 98.7FM - website
MDORadioBlues - website
WRFN 1025 - website
KCOR - website

CR   Chris Rogers
The Blues and Soul Show
  Saturdays 5.00 - 6.00pmThursdays 5.00 - 6.00pm - - website
JS   Joe Singleton
Big Blues Bonanza
  Sunday 10pm - midnight
Monday 3am - 5pm
Saturday 9pm - 11pm

Fridays each week - Podcast

MDO Radio Blues - website
MDO Radio Blues - website
KCOR - website
Mixcloud - website

Harry Simpson   Harry Simpson
Still Got The Blues
  Mondays 7-10pm
Mondays - Podcast
  Zetland FM - website
Mixcloud - website
PSm   Paul Smith
The Blues Show - website
  Sundays 10am-Noon
  Smart Radio - website
AS Ashwyn Smyth
Digital Blues - website

Sundays 5-6pm
Mondays 10-11am
Mondays 7-8pm
Mondays 11-12pm
Wednesdays 9-11pm

Fridays - 2-3pm
Fridays 6-7pm
Fridays 8-9pm
Saturdays 5-6am


KCOR - website
Hawaiian Pacific
- website
MDO Radio Blues - website
JazzJuice Radio - website
Gateway 97.8 FM - website
Ex-Pat Radio France - website
Krystal Radio UK - website
Blues at Rock Radio UK - website
Geneva Comm. Radio - website


JohnCee Stannard
Blues Hour - website

  Fridays 7-8pm   Blast1386 - website
PStew   Paul Stewart
Pablo & The Blues Show - website
  Mondays 10-12pm My Rock Radio - website
PDS   Paul 'Doc' Stewart
Cellar Club - website

Podcast - Sundays - Mixcloud

  More Music Radio - website
PAS Paul Stiles
UK BLUES TODAY - website

Wednesdays 8-10pm
Thursdays 12-2pm
Fridays 12-2am
Fridays 12-2am

Wycombe Sound 106.6 FM - website
Radio Seagull 1602 - website
Radio Seagull 1602 - website
Coast & County Radio, DAB - website

PT   Pat Thornby
Borough Blues
  Fridays 9pm-11pm   AHBS Community Radio 107.1FM - website
NT   Nigel Thorne
The Blues Bar - website
  Tuesdays 8-10pm Brill 1449 - website
DrW   Dr Wart Hoover
The Blues Hour &
Blues Hour Extra - website
  Mondays 10-12pm   SevernFM - website
BW   Bob Williams
The Blues Show - website
  Thursdays 10-12pm
Sundays 2-4pm
Sundays 6-8pm
Sundays 7-11pm
also available on

KCOR - website
The Wall Rock Radio - website
Firebrand Roxx - website
Glass Onion Radio - website

PW   Paul Winn
The Paul Winn Blues Show
  Mondays 8-10pm   Jorvik FM - website
Les Y   Les Young
Wall To Wall Blues - website
  Mondays 8-10pm   Penistone FM 95.7 FM - website