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Paul Stiles
UK BLUES TODAY - website

Thursdays midday & midnight
Radio Seagull 1602 and DAB+ - website

Thursdays midnight
Wycombe Sound 106.6 FM - website

Thursdays midnight
Coast & County Radio, UK DAB station - website

The Blues has always been my kind of music and with "Radio" a hobby, combining the two is pure pleasue. I write reviews of gigs and band's CDs for Blues In Britain magazine and publish a local gig guide which can be found at I also compile podcasts for a local live Blues venue and a Blues festival.

UK BLUES TODAY is a weekly show in which I play a selection of music from the Blues artists that you can see in the pubs and clubs around the UK in the forthcoming week, and occasionally I'll include some tracks from new UK releases.

The show is designed to help you to get out and see live blues. If you like what you hear follow the links from the playlist to get the details of where the band is playing. If they're not coming to your area recommend them to your local, pub or club organiser.

Enjoy your blues!

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