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Richard Dales-Coupland
Blue Savanna
Mondays 8:45-10:45pm
KWC Americana - website
Ruta 608 FM
(Repeated throughout the week)


Blue Savanna was originally a 'special' programme made for KWC Americana with the emphasis on Rythym Country and Blues. Given that KWC is a 24/7 country music platform it was welcomed with open arms as it provided a change to the norm. After a few weeks it became a little awkward for me to sustain Blue Savanna in that format and produce what are now five other country shows for them and other clients. I proposed that the show would develop into a full-on modern blues show that includes from time to time blues rock and indeed blues country. I submitted a sample show which they loved calling Blue Savanna 'like a huge window of fresh air opening' and as such the show is much anticipated and enjoyed. For me personally, while a country guy at heart, I love modern blues and being able to produce a show with 'entertainment' being the prime design.

Happy to receive physical CD’s:
Blue Savanna
57 Torcross Way
TS10 2SQ


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