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Richard Dales-Coupland
Blue Savanna

ys 10:00pm UK time
KCOR - website


Richard’s been a show presenter and show maker for best part of seven years now.

Primarily a county show host, former KCOR Blues man and Zetland FM colleague Harry Simpson introduced him to the world of modern blues, through his show Still Got the Blues.

Blue Savanna came about after around 18 months of making a cross genre show, originally called Blue Savanna Rhythm Country and Blues, for one of Iberia’s foremost 24/7 country stations, KWC Americana.

Their ex-pat and home-grown listener base enjoyed the mix as it gave them a change in their listening fayre enjoying the blues element so much, the show emerged as ‘just’ blues and was enjoyed for quite a long time.

A change in health circumstances for Richard meant he went into a period of making syndicated shows only for hosts outside of his home town Zetland FM and the show was accepted on KCOR. Blue Savanna is hosted only by KCOR, Richard has never sought to syndicate the show saying ‘for a non-blues expert to have a show on a prestige platform like KCOR, is enough for me. Their support for me has been tremendous”

Richard re-joined IBBA recently and has presented features with Kaz Hawkins, Deb Ryder, Brigitte Purdy and is currently looking to engage with artists who enjoy the opportunity to showcase their music through his show.

Blue Savanna first airs on KCOR at 2200 UK time, Sunday nights.