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Rob Perry

Bob's Blues Shack


Blues music has played such a huge part in my life; I felt the need to explore it closely. It has taken me as far flung as the USA, in particular Nashville, Alabama and New Orleans (home of the ‘Blues’) to Europe and beyond. In my humble opinion ‘Blues’ is the great healer. Some featured artists on my show will include Delta, Bluegrass Zydeco right through from the electric blues pioneers up to the present day. I shall also invite my lovely listeners to share any up-and-coming artists, who would like their demos aired on my show. The vision being to reach out and give a platform to new bands/artists and provide support.

That’s a little of what you will be hearing from me, now who I am…. In my spare time I paint with oils and love spending time with my 18-year-old son and our beloved cat….’’one being definitely easier to look after than the other!!’’ The rest of my time is spent at the Access Creative College at the Custard Factory in Birmingham undertaking a qualification in Studio and Live Sound, where I can honestly say that the quality of musicianship never ceases to amaze!