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Tim Aves
The Blues Is Back - website

Sundays 7-9pm
Saint FM 94.7 - website

TIM AVES has been beaming the blues out across the airwaves of Essex since Saint FM began at the turn of the millennium.

His twice-British Blues Award-nominated show, "The Blues is Back!," goes out live every Sunday between 7pm and 9pm on 94.7FM in Essex, offering Tim's weekly pick of new releases from the UK, the US and the whole world, garnished with a serving of gems from his extensive collection of blues music from the past 80 years. The show can also be heard online, where it has built up a sizeable and loyal worldwide audience.

As well as broadcasting and writing about blues music, Tim is a musician, a veteran of thousands of gigs across the UK and continental Europe since the early Eighties, with r'n'b band Automatic Slim, funky Texas blues outfit, The Rockin' Armadillos, and currently with Tim Aves & WOLFPACK - website

"The Blues is Back!" is known for its live sessions from Saint FM's recording studio, under the expert hand of ace engineer Pete Crisp. Past guests have included Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges, Ian Siegal, Hamilton Loomis, Big Pete and the Backbones (with Matt Schofield on bass!) 24 Pesos, West Weston, Marcus Bonfanti, Papa George (with Sam Kelly and Pete Stroud) and the SPIKEdrivers, who enjoyed their visit to Burnham so much they wrote a song inspired by the River Crouch ("Blues to the River").

When Tim is away gigging with WOLFPACK, his place is often taken by another stalwart of the UK blues scene - bass player Fergie Fulton (Hokie Joint, The Motives, The Groove Doctors, Booze'n'Blooze.)

Information about "The Blues is Back!", including details of the forthcoming week's show and a full set of past playlists, can be found on Facebook

CDs can be sent to him at
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Ormiston Rivers Academy,
Southminster Road
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