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Promoting blues radio across the UK and worldwide
Encouraging promoters and record labels to use the IBBA as a point of contact
Ensuring all member presenters are represented as a unified group
Sharing of information and ideas

Top 30 Most played Albums last month

Artist Album
1 Catfish Broken Man
2 Marcus Malone Band A Better Man
3 Lachy Doley Group Lovelight
4 Teresa Watson Band Teresa Watson Band
5 Geoff Achison Another Mile, Another Minute
6 Guy Verlinde How How How
7 LaVendore Rogue A Night In The North
8 Shortstuff Big Blue
9 Sean Webster Band Leave Your Heart At The Door
10 Eric Bibb Migration Blues
11 Big Wolf Band A Rebel's Story
12 Samantha Fish Chills & Fever
13 Mick McConnell Under My Skin
14 Ash Wilson Broken Machine
15 Vanessa Collins Meeting My Shadow
16 Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro Static In The Wires
17 Sari Schorr & The Engine Room A Force Of Nature
18 Paul Lamb And The Kingsnakes Live At The Albert Hall
19 Hurricane Ruth Ain't Ready For The Grave
20 Half Deaf Clatch Forever Forward
21 Eddie Bo And Chris Barber The 1991 Sea- Saint Sessions
22 Toriah Fontaine Black Water
23 The Mustangs Just Passing Through
24 Zoe Schwartz & Blue Commotion This Is The Life I Choose
25 Delta Moon Cabbagetown
26 Mick Clarke Diggin' Down
27 John Mayall Talk About That
28 Starlite Campbell Band Blueberry Pie
29 Sean Taylor Flood & Burn
30 Coco Montoya Hard Truth