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John 'Muzzy' Musto
The Blues Movement

Puritans Radio
Tuesdays 4:00pm - website

Unite Radio
Wednesdays 9:00pm - website

Johnny Muzz, born John Musto sometime in the dark and misty past, is a Musician,  Radio Presenter, Band Promoter and all Round Blues fanatic.

The Bluesmovement takes a look at all blues related music from the original Delta Blues to the Thames Delta Blues;  there is Country Blues and Gospel Blues.  From the birth of the Blues through the years and Genres to the present day performers.

“I think my first introduction to what I call pure blues was Fleetwood Macs ‘Need Your Love So Bad’ back in the late sixties, then I heard B B King and was well and truly hooked. A 9 year old in love with the Blues”.

Muzzys Bluesmovement Show, (his Friends call him Muzzy so please consider yourselves Friends) is broadcast weekly on Puritans Radio based in Banbury and Unite Radio from Hertfordshire . He says it’s what he was born to do so always looking for opportunities to promote the Blues.

Performing is still very much a part of what Muzzy does.  A youth club debut 52 years ago and currently putting a Blues Band together (no surprises there), theres plenty of experience here.

“Peter Green's guitar playing gave me Blues music and I shall be forever grateful.  I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Green and told him how grateful I was. Peter said ‘thats cool’ and carried on helping me eat my chips.”

So there you have Johnny Muzz, listen in and you will discover the sense of humour too, lord help you!