Promoting blues radio across the UK and worldwide

Encouraging promoters and record labels to use the IBBA as a point of contact

Ensuring all member presenters are represented as a unified group

Sharing of information and ideas

About The Association

The association was originaly set up by radio presenters Paul Stiles and Martin Clarke. The association has grown and our current membership is now spread across the whole of the UK.
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The initial concept was to bring presenters together for the benefit of Blues Music across the UK and beyond and to speak in a united voice. Individually the shows were limited in what they could influence, however by coming together under the umbrella of the Association the combined influence is greater.

As the UK does not have a national Blues radio station the combination of shows provides hundreds of hours of blues music every week not only on local radio stations but around the world on the internet via streaming and podcasts.

The main aims of the IBBA are as follows:

  • To provide a united body of presenters and in doing so gain greater influence with promoters, record labels and artists.
  • The selection and promotion of ‘Picks of The Month' albums and each member tries to play one track from the albums on their show during the month.
  • A contact point so that promoters, record labels and artists can reach members of the Association with their promotional material and tracks.
  • Maintain contact details so all IBBA members can contact each other.
  • To encourage members to promote shows presented by other IBBA members.
  • The sharing of information and ideas.
  • To support, encourage and promote blues music across the UK.