Promoting blues radio across the UK and worldwide

Encouraging promoters and record labels to use the IBBA as a point of contact

Ensuring all member presenters are represented as a unified group

Sharing of information and ideas


You can send info/tracks to all members - email:

Independent Blues Broadcasters

If you're an Independent Blues Broadcaster based
in the UK then now's the time to join the IBBA.

If you would like to join then please send:

A pic of yourself together with station and show logos (if you have them) plus a brief biog, showtimes and website URL's for your show(s) and Station(s)
(Take a look at the site and click on any presenter to view their profile and you'll see what we need.)

to Paul Stiles and we'll get you added.







Artists, Bands, Record Labels
and PR Companies

If you'd like to submit your Album(s) for airplay
by our Members then please use the address

A separate document on the specifics is available for you to read, download and save from
Music Submissions to IBBA
here but in brief here are the main features and what you need to do to submit a CD to the IBBA.

All submissions should be sent via dropbox only and must contain fully ID3 tagged songs in mp3 format (preferably 320kbps) with title, artist, album, composer/writer and publisher, genre and BPM. Some presenters will require WAV format files.

Added bonuses are details of guest vocalists and players if relevant.

ISRC codes are not required although these usually include most if not all the above info.

There are some IBBA members who will not accept digital downloads and require physical CDS and you need to be prepared to supply these if requested.

If using Dropbox, please do NOT share the folder with this email address, just send the link to the folder, so that presenters can gain access to the album.
Please also note that wetransfer does not work.