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Dennis Roberts
The Blues Come Calling
- website

Wednesdays 9pm -10pm
Maritime Radio 96.5 FM - website
Wednesday 7pm - 8pm
Reflections Radio - website
Saturday 10 - 11pm
Blues Radio UK - website
Sunday 2pm - 3pm
Blues Radio UK - website

Back In Five

Saturday 11 - 12pm
Blues Radio UK - website
Sunday 3pm - 4pm
Blues Radio UK - website

I am a music enthusiast who became a club and pub DJ in his teens, went on to start a record shop and became a radio presenter a decade ago. Currently I am presenting two weekly shows, The Blues Come Calling and Back In Five.

I Have been broadcasting 'The Blues Come Calling', since 2015

Show profile: A weekly, two hour show broadcast by Maritime Radio 96.5fm, Reflections Radio and Blues Radio UK, featuring new releases, 'seasoned favourites', 'album of the week' and guest contributions.