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Dr Wart Hoover
The Blues Hour &
Blues Hour Extra - website
Mondays 10-12pm
SevernFM - website

Once upon a time, Dr Wart played strange music on University Radio and sang the occasional Blues, just for fun. Many years passed, and the opportunity arose to join Severn FM. The Blues Hour started in 2012 and
immediately found support from a healthy blues scene in Gloucester.

Severn FM is a community station based on the south side of the city of Gloucester, touching the world on the Internet.

Dr Wart has been welcomed into the blues family worldwide (with listeners as far afield as Canada & Australia) and does much travelling & chatting to artsts, promoters, venues and fans. Then he tells the fans about the venues and gets the artists to talk about the music.

The Blues Hour celebrates the fact that most western music in the 20th & 21st century is built on the Blues, so we play music from "Lead Belly to Led Zeppelin" and beyond. An occasional feature "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with blues" finds The Blues in the most unlikely places.

The 2012 Doc's Awards were supported by hundreds of listeners and friends of The Blues Hour, who made winners out of Never The Bride, Sunday Wilde, Gwyn Ashton, Will Johns, Keith Thompson, Bex Marshall, Kingsley Salmon and Robert Plant.

All that in oe hour? Actually, no. The bits that don't fit into the hour appear in the Blues Hour Extra, or even the sister programme The Encyclopaedia Of Rock, which airs just before The Blues Hour.

Dr Wart still sings the occasional Blues, just for fun.


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