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Joe Singleton
Big Blues Bonanza

Saturday 9pm - 11pm - KCOR - website
Friday Evenings - Mixcloud - website

I am a fan of all types of music and am a firm believer that there are only 2 types of music - good music and bad music. I do not like to be restricted too much by genres but I always come back to blues-based music.

Listening to my show (Big Blues Bonanza) you will get a feast full of Blues and that can range from 1920 recordings, through to blues-based Northern Soul or something new and different. I have been a fan of Blues music for many years usually preferring to listen to CD's and radio rather than attending live gigs however I am very new to creating radio shows which I currently upload to Mixcloud.

Each weekly show lasts around 2 hours and is end-to-end music - I may add some voiceovers.