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Keith Baldwin
The Blues Cruise

Sundays 8:00 - 10:00pm
MMH Radio- website

I was brought up in the 60s and 70s when the music scene saw so many changes and encouraged so much creativity. I have always loved LIVE music and have always appreciated the amount of work (and luck) involved in any band becoming successful, whatever that means to them.

Although primarily I was listening to classic rock I have always loved music which illustrates so much more and goes so much deeper that just knocking out a nice tune. And so it came to pass that I discovered the Blues. This woke me up to a genre that I have loved ever since.

When I was given the opportunity to present a show showcasing Blues Music I jumped at the opportunity and have become more and more enthusiastic as I explore the myriad of new talent and of course the great wealth of talent that has gone before and still survives thanks to the many Blues specific radio shows out there. On my Radio Shows is describe The Blues as more of an attitude than something fitting into strict categories and I stand by that. The different number of styles of Blues supports that view in my opinion.