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Steve James
The Blues Café

L&D Radio - Monday 8-10 pm
Dunstable Community Radio - Thursday 8-10 pm

I am a lifelong musician having picked up the guitar at 12 years old. I love all types of music and have played in many different types of bands from blues to dance to jazz to folk. I still play in bands and love every minute of it.

I have a special love of the Blues and having an opportunity to share that love with people on air is a real privilege. However, my love of all music comes across in the show when I play my “Joker in the Pack” where I play a tune that is not necessarily Blues but a tune I really love.

There is a chance for you the listener to contribute to the show with the “Three in a row” slot where you can contact me with your top three blues tracks, with a story about why you picked those tracks and they will go out on air back to back, with a shout out of course.

I also welcome Blues solo artists and bands to send in a mp3s of their work and even come into the studio to chat about their work, just contact me via email. And of course the opportunity for me to give a shout out and dedication to anyone you wish, has to be a blues tune though! If you love the blues it’s the place to be …