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Tim Aves

Every 2nd Monday 10 - 12pm

Caroline Community Radio - website

BLUES+ with Tim Aves

MUSICIAN, promoter, journalist, blogger, and broadcaster Tim Aves is bringing the blues back to the Essex airwaves – with a twist.

Favourite blues tunes from Tim’s extensive music collection will always be at the heart of the monthly Blues+ playlist, but don’t be surprised to also hear the odd rock, folk-roots or country tune, too.

“There’s just so much great music out there, it seems a shame to draw the boundaries too tightly,” Tim explains. “Basically, I’m playing music I love – and nothing else!”

Based in the heart of the Essex Delta, in Burnham-on-Crouch, Tim was a regular fixture on the airwaves between 1999 and 2017. His weekly Saint FM show, The Blues is Back! earned him four “Blues Broadcaster of the Year “nominations in the British Blues Awards.

He returns now on Saint FM’s successor,  a new station affiliated to the legendary Radio Caroline - Caroline's ship-bourne base, The Ross Revenge, is anchored off Bradwell, a few miles from Burnham.

Tim is a well-known (some would say notorious) figure on the Essex music scene and in the wider blues world. A veteran of thousands of gigs all over the UK and occasionally further afield over 40 years, Tim has played more than 3,500 gigs with veteran Essex  r’n’b outfit Automatic Slim and many more with bands including The Rockin’ Armadillos and Tim Aves & WOLFPACK.

These days, he still performs live, but also promotes the Blues at the Barns festival at Creeksea, Essex, is co-proprietor of Rooks Yard Recording Studio and writes about guitars for the 43 Guitars and Counting blog.

 Blues+ is broadcast on Caroline Community Radio between 10pm and midnight on the second Monday of each  month, with a repeat on the fourth Monday.  Caroline Community Radio can be heard in Essex on 94.7 FM and anywhere else in the world via their website  (There is currently no podcast or  "listen again" facility.)

For playlists and other information, and to contact Tim about the show, visit the Blues+ Facebook page

Please note that at this time, Tim is not accepting unsolicited music submissions.


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